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tca cross treatment Harley street, London

TCA CROSS is a procedure in which trichloroacetic acid (TCA) is used for the chemical reconstruction of skin scars (CROSS). It is a cost-effective, long-term solution for indented acne scarring.

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A small amount of a highly concentrated solution of trichloroacetic acid is carefully deposited onto the surface of the scar of concern. This causes an inflammatory reaction that promotes the formation of new collagen fibres which improves the appearance of the scarring.

The extent of scarring will determine your treatment time; however, TCA CROSS is a straightforward treatment that can typically be undertaken in about 20 minutes.

To see the best results and improvement to scarring, a course of 1-3 treatments at intervals of 6-8 weeks is required, although there may be individual variation.

A course of TCA CROSS treatments will reduce the extent and severity of your scarring over a period of months.

Taking time out of your daily routine is not always necessary and depends on the size and nature of the area to be treated. Self London’s expert dermatologists will discuss this and your individual aftercare at your appointment.

The surface of the scar is initially frosted, which can last up to a few hours. You can also expect some redness for a few days, after which the treated areas will scab; this will clear within 7-10 days. Be sure to protect your delicate skin from harmful UV rays, and feel free to wash and apply make-up freely.

This type of acne scarring treatment is usually reserved for atrophic scarring (sunken, pitted or indented scars). Patients of all skin colours and types can benefit from TCA CROSS, although a thorough consultation and assessment is always required before treatment.

One treatment with TCA CROSS typically starts at £400, depending on the number and severity of scars being treated.


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