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Dr Anjali Mahto

Dr Anjali Mahto, founder of Self London, is a leading Consultant Dermatologist and author of best-selling book, The Skincare Bible (Penguin Life), which has been translated into 12 languages. Her passion and determination stem from her own life-long issues with skin, which have given her a unique insight into the importance of nutrition, physical activity and mental health.  This inspired her to set up Self London, a clinic directed towards empowering people of all ages with the tools they need to take control of their skin and wellbeing, and make a difference in their lives.

Alongside her medical degree, Dr Mahto has a BSc in Pharmacology, a diploma in Nutrition Science, and is a qualified yoga instructor. As an educator of the public, she works closely with both The British Skin Foundation and the British Association of Dermatologists as their media spokesperson. She has a prominent social media presence, and uses her Instagram platform to educate on skin, wellness and critical thinking. Her work and expertise have been recognised in the national press, with awards for best dermatologist from Marie Claire and Tatler. She also judges skincare, wellness and beauty awards for numerous publications.

Dr Ketaki Bhate

Dr Ketaki Bhate is an accomplished consultant dermatologist with an academic background in skin epidemiology. She completed her medical training at Imperial College and her higher training in leading teaching hospitals in London and Nottingham. She obtained an academic dermatology training post at the Centre of Evidence Based Dermatology, University of Nottingham.

Dr Ketaki has been awarded competitive research fellowships: one for acne research at the University of Pennsylvania, USA, and more recently to study acne treatments and their relation to the microbiome for her PhD at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. She has also undertaken research projects at Harvard and the Mayo Clinic. Dr Ketaki is passionate about understanding skin disease, particularly acne, its causes and optimal treatments. She has presented her work nationally and internationally and has several publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Ketaki has an NHS appointment in which she sees skin cancers, general dermatology patients and performs skin surgery. In her spare time Ketaki enjoys reading and spending time with her family.

Kimberley Wilson
Counselling Psychologist

Kimberley Wilson is a British Psychological Society (BPS) Chartered Counselling Psychologist registered with the Health and Care Professionals Council.

She has extensive experience working with complex physical and mental health concerns, having led the Primary Care Mental Health Service at HMP & YOI Holloway and as lead therapist of the North London Eating Disorders Group.

She is former chair of the BPS’s Training Committee in Counselling Psychology, the group responsible for monitoring and assessing standards of counselling psychology training across the UK, and former governor of the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, a Specialist Mental Health Trust.

Kimberley currently sits on the board of the brain nutrition research charity Think Through Nutrition and is the author of two books, How to Build a Healthy Brain, which was recognised by NHS England as a trusted source of health information, and Unprocessed: What Your Diet is Doing to Your Brain.

Outside work, Kimberley is a keen fermenter who makes her own kombucha, yoghurt, kefir and kimchi.

Renee McGregor
BSc (hons) PGDIP (DIET) PCGERT (Sportsnutr)

Renee is a leading sports and eating disorder specialist dietitian with 20 years’ experience in clinical and performance nutrition. Her work, treating both adults and children, covers the full spectrum of nutritional needs and disordered eating, together with the complex associated mental and physical health challenges. Her approach is comprehensive, using hormonal biomarkers and lifestyle practices to assess an individual’s needs and provide a bespoke support plan.

Renee has also worked with top Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth teams across the globe, providing both performance-level nutrition and exercise guidance as well as the help some athletes need when they develop dysfunctional relationships with eating. She is also the best-selling author of five nutrition books, and is frequently asked to provide expert input for press and media, including the BBC documentary Freddie Flintoff: Living with Bulimia. Outside clinic, she can often be found on the trails and mountains training for ultramarathons!


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