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Self London understands that skin issues are only one part of the story. We listen, we understand and we get the full picture of someone’s life and how various factors might impact someone’s skin and someone’s confidence.

Even with the best intentions, our relationship with food can become complex, having far-reaching impacts such as affecting our hormonal health, which in turn may result in negative consequences to our physical and mental health, performance, and skin.

We want to support you from the word go and ensure that we provide you with the appropriate package. This is why it is so important that you complete our initial intake form and also have blood tests prior to your initial assessment.

We work with a biomarker company and together we have designed a specific profile that can help us to assess your physical health status. This then provides us with the information we require to identify how we can support you and your individual needs. We look at a range of markers which can tell us about your levels of stress, metabolic function, inflammation, vitamin deficiencies, hormonal changes, and immune health.

We will do our best to guide you on this journey but we will not tell you what to do. We listen and we support – empowering you to be self-motivated, confident and energised about the changes you can make and the impact it can have on your life. Advice will also be provided to address nutritional, self-care, sleep, movement and exercise habits/behaviours that may be judged to be contributing to your health.

Hormones are key players in physical and mental health. The female hormone network is the most complex and changes over lifespan. Understanding their individualised hormonal health empowers women with knowledge to make informed decisions to support quality of life and long-term health.

While there is a plethora of information available on nutrition, a healthy balanced diet is going to be an approach that is appropriate and relevant to you. We take into consideration your lifestyle, potential stressors and other behaviours in order to create unique and bespoke nutritional advice for you.

BSc (hons) PGDIP (DIET) PCGERT (Sportsnutr)

Renee McGregor, BSc (hons) PGDIP (DIET) PCGERT (Sportsnutr), is a leading sports and eating disorder specialist dietitian with 20 years’ experience in clinical and performance nutrition. Her work, treating both adults and children, covers the full spectrum of nutritional needs and disordered eating, together with the complex associated mental and physical health challenges. Her approach is comprehensive, using hormonal biomarkers and lifestyle practices to assess an individual’s needs and provide a bespoke support plan.

Renee has also worked with top Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth teams across the globe, providing both performance-level nutrition and exercise guidance as well as the help some athletes need when they develop dysfunctional relationships with eating. She is also the best-selling author of five nutrition books and is frequently asked to provide expert input for press and media, including the BBC documentary Freddie Flintoff: Living with Bulimia. Outside clinic, she can often be found on the trails and mountains training for ultramarathons!

Nutrition is essential to our overall health but, just like skin conditions, it is often difficult to find the tailored, expert advice that is right for you.

At Self London, we listen first and then offer our expert advice and support so you can make the changes you need to get back to feeling good.

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