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Dermatology consultations

New medical consultation £450
New cosmetic consultation £450
New laser consultation £450
AviClear consultation £450
Mole check £450
Skin MOT £1,000
Follow-up (all types) £295

Laser treatments

AviClear for acne (full course) from £4,500
Self London rosacea protocolfrom £1300
BBL (Broad Band Light) from £800
BBL Forever Clear from £800
HALO from £2,000
ProFractional ablative Price on application
BBL plus HALO Price on application
BBL plus ProFractional Price on application
HALO plus ProFractional Price on application
Full ablation Price on application
Laser removal of skin lesion Price on application

Cosmetic treatments

Anti-wrinkle injection: 1 area£400
Anti-wrinkle injection: 2 areas£450
Anti-wrinkle injection: 3 areas£550
Facial Fillerfrom £750
Microneedlingfrom £450
Chemical Peelfrom £600
TCA CROSSfrom £450
Polynucleotides (per area)from £800


Repeat prescription£50

Non-surgical procedures

Hyfrecationfrom £400
Steroid injection (per injection)from £250
Bruxism injection£750
Hyperhidrosis injection£750

surgical procedures

Excision of skin lesion (per lesion)from £1,000
Shave excision (per lesion)from £1,000
Curettage and cautery (per lesion)from £1,000
Punch biopsy (per lesion)from £700

Psychology consultations

New consultation£325
Follow-upfrom £255

Dietitian consultations

New consultation£325
Follow-upfrom £255

Please note that for some surgical procedures and laser treatments, a facility fee is charged independently of the quoted price.
A laboratory fee will also be applicable for the testing of any blood drawn or skin samples surgically removed.

Patients who have not been seen by the practice in over six months will be reclassified as new patients and therefore require a new consultation. This reflects the need to fully reassess their diagnosis and treatment plan, which can change materially over this timeframe, and ensures a high standard of patient safety and care.