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rosacea treatment harley street

Rosacea is a common inflammatory skin condition which can cause significant distress to the sufferer and may, in more severe cases, be linked to other medical conditions. It often goes under-recognised and undiagnosed.

Self London is here to address your rosacea and help restore your confidence and wellbeing, using a bespoke combination of prescription creams, tablets and laser therapies, as well as discussing lifestyle measures.

The most obvious symptoms of rosacea are redness and sometimes scaling or dryness, particularly across the cheeks, chin and forehead. Persistent redness is a common concern as the tendency for the affected skin to flush can, over time, make the problem permanent. Other symptoms include skin sensitivity, prominent facial blood vessels, and bumps on the skin.

Rosacea is a separate condition from acne, although small spots sometimes appear within the affected area. Unfortunately, the exact causes of rosacea are unknown, but multiple trigger factors have been identified. It is important for sufferers to seek help from a qualified dermatologist who is able to address all aspects of this troublesome, chronic condition.

For expert help with your rosacea, contact the clinic to book a consultation.

For more information and support on acne and acne scarring, visit the British Association of Dermatologists acne support website. Self London founder, Dr Anjali, was a key contributor in its development, content and peer review process.

For expert help with your acne, contact the clinic to book a consultation.

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