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Broad Band Light (BBL) for Skin Ageing

Laser treatments for rosacea and acne in London

BBL is a type of light-based clinic therapy by Sciton which uses wavelengths of light between 400 to 1400 nanometres to deliver non-ablative results to the treated areas (i.e. there is no wound or damage to the superficial layers of the skin). Both clinical experience and studies have demonstrated it has powerful skin rejuvenating effects and can be used to treat multiple body sites which show signs of sun damage (including the face, neck, chest, back, hands and arms), both quickly and efficiently. It also has a role in prevention and maintenance in those who are younger (in their twenties and thirties) and wish to stay ahead of the chronological ageing process of the skin.

Clinical trials comparing BBL to standard IPL have consistently demonstrated the superior efficacy of BBL in treating a wide range of skin concerns associated with aging and photodamage. Unlike traditional IPL, which often requires multiple sessions to achieve desired results, BBL therapy has been shown to produce significant improvements in skin tone, texture, and pigmentation after just a few treatments. These findings are supported by robust scientific evidence, reaffirming BBL as the gold standard in light-based skin rejuvenation.

One of the key advantages of BBL therapy is its versatility in treating photodamage across various body sites. Unlike standard IPL devices, which may be limited in their ability to deliver consistent results on areas such as the neck, chest, and hands, BBL technology offers customizable treatment parameters that can be tailored to each patient’s unique anatomy and skin type. This versatility extends beyond facial rejuvenation, allowing for comprehensive treatment of sun-damaged skin on commonly exposed areas, thereby addressing the full spectrum of aging concerns.

In addition to its efficacy in reversing the visible signs of photodamage, BBL therapy offers a proactive approach to addressing chronological skin aging in younger patients. By stimulating collagen production and promoting cellular turnover, BBL helps to maintain skin health and vitality, thereby delaying the onset of fine lines, wrinkles, and other age-related changes. This preventive aspect of BBL treatment is particularly appealing to younger patients who wish to preserve their youthful appearance and stay ahead of the aging curve.

The treatment is patient-friendly nature, with minimal discomfort and downtime compared to more invasive procedures. Patients undergoing BBL treatments typically experience mild redness and swelling immediately following the procedure, which subsides within a few hours to days. Unlike ablative laser treatments, which may require weeks of recovery, BBL allows patients to resume their normal activities immediately, making it an ideal option for individuals with busy lifestyles.

BBL is a versatile tool which can be used for managing specific skin conditions such as rosacea and acne as well as maintaining skin health by reducing redness, sun damage, freckles and boosting skin rejuvenation. The manner in which is it used depends on the skill-set of the practitioner to vary parameters such as energy (fluence), time in which that energy is delivered (pulse width), cooling of the skin, and combination with other treatments, where required. It is one of the best ways in improving skin quality with little down-time and annual top-ups.