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AviClear: A Game-Changing Breakthrough in Acne Treatment Unveiled in the UK

Written by Consultant Dermatologist & Self Founder, Dr Anjali Mahto:

Acne has been a constant presence throughout my life, shaping my identity and influencing my career path. From teenage struggles to the challenges of adulthood, acne has been a defining factor in my personal journey. I’m all too aware of the impact of acne. How it extends beyond the physical, affecting confidence, overall well-being and perpetuating a sense of shame and stigma.

For those fortunate enough not to grapple with skin issues, the luxury of waking up without the burden of acne-related concerns is often taken for granted. It’s a privilege to not have it occupy headspace, to move through life without the constant awareness of one’s skin condition. We have long had medical (tablet) treatments available, but there has so far been a lack of effective alternatives to consider. Until recently.

When I set up Self London, my mission was to provide expert-led solutions for those dealing with persistent acne issues. Today, I am thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking addition to our treatment options – the AviClear laser. This advanced laser technology specifically targets the oil-producing glands in the skin, offering an effective solution for all acne severities.

AviClear represents a significant advancement in the acne treatment landscape. It is a safe option for all skin types and tones, involving three treatments spaced 3-4 weeks apart, with long-lasting results. What sets AviClear apart is its effectiveness in treating severe or cystic acne, making it the only FDA-cleared licensed laser device for such cases. This breakthrough comes with the added benefit of potentially eliminating the need for blood tests or the side effects often associated with traditional medication like Roaccutane.


From both a personal and professional standpoint, AviClear is the most exciting development in the world of acne treatment in decades. As someone who has experienced acne both as a patient and a doctor, I cannot wait to have something else in my toolbox to help manage the condition. This groundbreaking laser technology expands the choices available to individuals who may be unable to take certain medications, prefer not to, or choose to avoid hormonal treatments. Excited is an understatement; this is going to be a game-changer for so many of the patients I see, and I have every intention of treating myself too!

The introduction of AviClear is not just a medical advancement; it’s a pioneering treatment for countless individuals dealing with acne. As a dermatologist, I can’t wait to incorporate this revolutionary treatment into my practice. AviClear is not just a laser treatment; it is a beacon of hope for individuals dealing with acne in the UK. With its ability to address severe cases without the traditional challenges of medications, this advanced technology marks a huge shift in the way we approach acne treatment. As someone deeply connected to this journey, I believe that AviClear is set to redefine the standards of care for acne, unlocking a brighter and blemish-free future for many.