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Anti wrinkle injections harley street, London

Anti-wrinkle injections are amongst the most popular aesthetic treatments thanks to their simplicity, versatility and effective anti-ageing capabilities. They have been proven to safely reduce the appearance of wrinkles from within by relaxing the muscles underneath the skin, offering natural-looking results in the hands of expert practitioners.

Our busy lifestyles constantly expose our skin to factors such as excess UV in sunlight or atmospheric pollution that accelerate the ageing process. With reducing levels of certain structural components such as collagen and elastin the skin loses some of its volume and elasticity, and fine lines and wrinkles can appear. Areas such as the hands and face suffer the most due to continual sun exposure, with crow’s feet, forehead lines and laughter lines causing issues for so many of us.

The toxin in anti-wrinkle injections (botulinum toxin) inhibits nerve transmissions into the muscles of the targeted area. This relaxes them which, in turn, results in the smoothing of wrinkles in the overlying skin. It is a perfectly safe procedure in qualified hands, and our expert dermatologists administer gentle, precise applications so as to allow for full facial expression and ensure natural-looking results.

This is a very quick and simple procedure that should take no more than 15-30 minutes.

There is no reason why you should not see optimal results after just one treatment; however, these only last on average 3-4 months for most patients. Anti-wrinkle injections are temporary aesthetic treatments that require repeat applications to maintain results.

The overlying skin around the treatment area will settle quickly, allowing fine lines and wrinkles to flatten out for a smoother, youthful skin texture. Results are typically noticeable about three days after injection and are most prominent after two weeks.

Anti-wrinkle injections are minimally-invasive, causing little discomfort to the patient and little disruption to your routine. There are only very minor side-effects and no downtime is required.

Minor swelling, bruising and a feeling of heaviness are fairly common, although these side-effects should quickly subside of their own accord within the space of 48 hours. Feel free to mask the side-effects with gentle make-up application.

Anti-wrinkle injections are best suited for patients experiencing the early signs of premature ageing and specifically lines on the forehead and frown area. Deeper wrinkles may require additional treatments, such as dermal fillers, to achieve the desired outcome.

Your anti-wrinkle injection treatment with one of our dermatology team is likely to cost £400-£550, depending on the number of areas you wish to treat. A full quotation will be determined after your consultation.


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