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This is the acne targeting routine of a consultant dermatologist

Ever wondered what products a consultant dermatologist relies on to keep their skin in check? Here, Dr Anjali Mahto shares her daily routine.

Dr Anjali Mahto has been a consultant dermatologist for over 16 years and has experienced her own acne issues since she was 12. Having suffered with the skin condition most of her life, she’s spent her career educating people, raising awareness and working to reduce stigma while tirelessly promoting skin positivity.

It’s also the reason she’s opened her own clinic, Self London, which is a first-of-its-kind thanks to the fact it specialises in acne and acne scarring. “We have been talking about body image for some time, but skin and its impact are often neglected. The shame, judgment, fear and anxiety are a daily reality for many of those with it,” says Dr Mahto.