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TruSculpt Flex - Harley Street, London

Achieve Optimal Health with TruSculpt Flex

At Self London, we are dedicated to providing advanced treatments that go beyond aesthetics to enhance your overall health and well-being. TruSculpt Flex is a revolutionary muscle sculpting treatment that offers profound wellness benefits, including increased muscle mass, reduced frailty, improved insulin resistance, and support for various conditions like PCOS and menopause. Discover how TruSculpt Flex can transform your life and health.

Who Can Benefit from TruSculpt Flex?

TruSculpt Flex is ideal for a wide range of individuals:

  1. Older adults: Build and maintain muscle mass to prevent frailty, improve mobility, and reduce the risk of falls and injuries.
  2. Individuals with insulin resistance and PCOS: Enhance glucose uptake and manage insulin resistance effectively.
  3. Women approaching menopause: Combat muscle loss and improve insulin sensitivity during hormonal transitions.
  4. People with sedentary lifestyles: Kickstart a healthier, more active lifestyle by building muscle and improving metabolic health.
  5. Fitness enthusiasts and athletes: Achieve muscle-building goals more efficiently and enhance overall performance.
  6. Individuals recovering from injury or surgery: Rebuild muscle strength and improve functionality during the recovery process.

TruSculpt Flex works by delivering electrical pulses to the muscles, causing them to contract and relax, similar to the effects of physical exercise. The treatment can be customised to target specific muscle groups (abdomen, thighs, arms, buttocks) providing tailored results that align with your fitness goals. Each session is equivalent to an intense workout, but without the strain on joints and with minimal time commitment.

The number of sessions varies depending on individual goals and needs. Typically, an initial course of 4-6 treatments over a 2-3 week period is recommended. Our specialists at Self London Dermatology Clinic will develop a personalised treatment plan to help you achieve optimal results. Over time, maintenance sessions may be required to sustain the benefits.

Yes, TruSculpt Flex is a safe and FDA-cleared treatment. It is non-invasive and designed to be gentle on the body while delivering effective results.

TruSculpt Flex requires no downtime. You can resume your normal activities immediately after each session.

During the treatment, you will feel a series of muscle contractions, similar to an intense workout. Most patients find the sensation comfortable and tolerable.

Many patients notice improvements after just a few sessions, with optimal results typically visible within a few weeks.

To maximise the benefits of TruSculpt Flex, it is best combined with a healthy diet and regular physical activity. Maintaining a balanced diet rich in lean proteins, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables can optimise muscle growth and repair. Regular physical activities such as walking, swimming, or yoga can further improve cardiovascular health and overall fitness.

Our approach is holistic and expert-led. We are committed to inspiring skin confidence and creating a life in balance through a comprehensive medical approach to wellness and lifestyle. Here’s why you should choose us for your TruSculpt Flex treatments:


Expert-led care: Our treatments are overseen by experienced dermatology professionals who are leaders in their field. We use the latest scientific evidence to ensure that you receive the most effective care.


Comprehensive wellness approach: We believe in treating the body as a whole. Our focus is not just on aesthetic outcomes but also on improving your overall health and well-being. The aesthetic outcome happens to be a secondary benefit.


Science and evidence-based treatments: Our protocols are grounded in scientific research and evidence-based practices, ensuring you benefit from the latest advancements in medical science.


Personalised treatment plans: We tailor our treatments to meet your specific needs and health goals, providing a personalised experience that maximises your results.


Holistic health and wellness: Beyond the treatment room, we offer guidance on nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle changes to help you maintain your results and live a healthier life. Our expertise extends beyond skin and our core team also have expertise in dietetics, psychology, personal training, and yoga.


Take the first step towards optimal health

We are committed to helping you achieve your health and wellness goals through advanced treatments and holistic care. TruSculpt Flex is more than just a muscle sculpting treatment; it is a gateway to a healthier, more active lifestyle.

The Wellness Benefits of TruSculpt Flex

Increased muscle mass: Boost your metabolic rate, improve bone density, and support better posture and balance.

Reduced risk of  frailty with increasing age: Strengthen core muscles, enhance physical endurance, and boost confidence and mental health.

Improved insulin resistance: Increase muscle mass and glucose uptake, promote regular physical activity, and reduce abdominal fat.

Support for PCOS: Enhance insulin sensitivity, manage weight effectively, and reduce abdominal fat.

Benefits in perimenopause and menopause: Combat muscle loss, improve insulin sensitivity, support weight management, and enhance energy levels and mood.


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